ABC Guarantee

We are confident in our method and our ABC team, therefore we guarantee success with our swimming lessons.

Each baby that starts our aquatic education program before 6 months of age, with a weekly attendance, will gain the following abilities:

  • Successive dives by 12 months
  • Moving independently with floaties by 18 months
  • Moving independently over a width of the pool by 30 months
  • Acquires the technique of the first swimming stroke by 4 years old

If not, ABC offers gratuity until all of the above are achieved.

Here is why ABC is the ideal place for your child

Within our club, we have opted for individual sessions (child-instructor), with a maximum of 4 children in the pool at a time, so that the instructor gets to know the child’s personality and rhythm of evolution and interact with them directly in a controlled environment.

Super Baby

Age: 4-36 months

Duration: 35-40 minutes.

Little Scout

Age: 3-6 years old

Duration: 40-45 minutes.