ABC warranty

Metoda și echipa ABC garanteazăsuccesul lecțiilor de înot pentru bebelusul tău.

All babies born at term, develop normally, who start the aquatic education program before the age of 6 months and come with a weekly swimming frequency, have our guarantee that they will acquire the following skills, through the ABC method, customized to the rhythm of the child’s evolution, by our playful and empathetic instructors:

Super Bebe

Grupa de vârstă: 4-48 luni

Durata ședinței: 35-40 minute.

  • To make successive dives until they reach the age of 12 months
  • To move independently (without the support of the instructor) but with the help of floating objects until they reach the age of 18 months
  • To travel alone on a wide pool until they are 30 months old
  • To acquire the technique of the first swimming procedure until the age of 4 years

If the 2 rules have been followed and some skills could not be acquired, ABC offers FREE until they are acquired.

For us, your baby is the most important!

That's why ABC is the perfect place for your baby

Within our club, we offer only programs with individual sessions 1-1 (personal instructor – child), with a maximum number of 4 children in the pool, in the same time slot. We believe that only in this way the instructor gets to know very well the personality and the rhythm of evolution of each child, to interact with him in the direction of his stimulation and positive development, and the environment in which the swimming session takes place can be fully controlled.