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Other Services

  • Salt Therapy

    Salt therapy is an alternative method and also complementary one, used in prevention and treatment of various respiratory diseases, while having demonstrated benefits on the entire body: increases immunity, supports detoxification of the body, improves the functioning of the digestive system, supports skin regeneration, help in reducing the effects of fatigue and stress.
    The therapy involves inhalation of saline aerosols (by spending time inside the mine) which treats especially respiratory diseases. Salt is a bactericide substance that does not allow development of microbial cultures, acting as a disinfectant and also has the ability (under certain conditions of temperature and humidity) to emanate salt aerosols.

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  • The benefits of therapy in Salina by ABC in relation with a natural saltcave
    • Easy to find

      It is located in Bucharest, on Delea Noua street, near to Piata Muncii metro station.

    • Fast results

      45 minuts of treatment in SalinabyABC equals 3-4 hours in natural saltcaves.

    • Constant humidity

      In SalinabyABC the humidity is 40-50%

    • Comfortable temperature

      In SalinabyABC the temperature is between 22-24 degrees, while in a natural saltcave there is the risk of becoming sick because of the low temperature.

  • Find out about the benefits of salt therapy

    for children and adults!
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  • Aquatic therapy - Home Program

    Aquatic therapy is an unique method of personal development addressed especially to babies, which harmoniously combines elements of gymnastics and playful, massage and water activities with specific observation and psychological counseling, keeping in mind the needs of the baby psychophysiological needs.

    • Global and harmonious development of the baby
    • Enriching the mother-baby relationship
  • The harmonious development of the baby

    using Aquatic therapy
  • .

    Free time for parents

    Wanting to help our clients, Acvatic Bebe Club launches from June 1st, ”Free time for parents” concept. We offer parents the opportunity to enjoy some time in their favor, leaving the children in our care. For this, we provide qualified staff (nurse),  safe conditions, fun and educational activities.

    The minimum fare is 60 minutes:

    • at a price of 50 lei, upon completion of aquatic education session
    • at a price of 35 lei, when not participate in aquatic education session

    *Please let us know at least 2 hours before the service request. Thank you for understanding!

    Discover the concept

    "Free time for parents"

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