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Cristian Bruneanu


  • I am a physiotherapist , swimming instructor and a masseur technician, specialized in Rehabilitation and Recovery motor and somatosensory function. I practiced swimming as a child and I felt the positive influence of sports and that it guides the proper development of the body both physically, mentally , socially and emotionally as well . Swimming was the ideal start that guided me to the sport I would later practice, the modern pentathlon( swimming, cycling , athletics, riding , shooting ). Since college I started to initiate children into the mysteries of swimming , but it was at Acvatic Bebe Club where I found the necessary facilities and a strong team that creates the environment for the little ones to accommodate the aquatic environment. I chose Acvatic Bebe Club for their professionalism and dedication for their work but also because it represents the ideal job to start your career. So I recommend practicing aquatic education from the earliest age for your child to develop harmoniously from the very beginning.

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