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Daniel Mitre

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  • The fact that I practiced sports with performances at national, European, Balkan and world level for 14 years made ​​me understand the importance of practicing a sport since the early ages. In parallel with the passion for sport I graduated in Physical Education and Sports of the UNEFS specializing in sport and performance motility .I also have a MA degree in the field of physical therapy within the same institution , with specialization in Nutrition and body shaping , case study theme is "The effects of physical therapy in treating obesity in children ". Wanting to improve myself in the field of physical therapy I took technician courses being licensed in somatic massage, reflexology, therapeutic massage, sports massage, massage with bamboo sticks, hot stone massage. I'm glad to be part of a team of specialists with my colleagues from Acvatic Bebe Club and that I can contribute to the development of psycho - motor and socio - affective of the new generations and in the prevention of metabolic disorders such as obesity or postural deficiencies in preadolescents.

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