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About salt therapy with Ramona Vitan, nurse at Salina by Acvatic Bebe Club

Caring for our children is reflected in how they develop. It is therefore important to always provide them the best conditions for growth and development.

There are times of the year in which  our mission is hampered by factors such as sudden temperature changes, allergies or colds and seasonal flu. In these times, we need to think more carefully and choose the best solutions for enhancing immunity and providing a good general condition. We can opt for a 100% natural solution to strengthen the immune system: salt therapy.

We all know the story of emperor girl who, being asked how much she loves her father, she gave a seemingly strange response. Known since ancient times, salt is, along one of the main ingredients in the kitchen, a wonderful therapeutic element. In antiquity, Hippocrates recommended them to patients suffering from respiratory diseases saline inhalation aerosol.

The process is called salt therapy. This is an alternative, but complementary prevention and treatment of various respiratory diseases, while having benefits demonstrated on the entire body: increases immunity, supports detoxification of the body, improves the functioning of the digestive system, supports skin regeneration, help reduce the effects of fatigue and stress.

The therapy involves inhalation of saline aerosols (by spending time inside the mine) which treats especially respiratory diseases. Salt is a bactericide substance that does not allow development of microbial cultures, acting as a disinfectant and also has the ability (under certain conditions of temperature and humidity) to emanate salt aerosols.
We invite you to discover Salina by Bebe Aquatic Club, located near downtown, 5 minutes away from Unirii Square. Here you will find a place where you can enjoy time spent with your child, and it can conduct fun and educational activities. In our mine we used Himalayan salt mine and salt brought from the mine to create an environment hypo-bacterial and allergen-free, carefully controlled in terms of heat, humidity and ventilation.

To convince you of the benefits of salt therapy, you are invited to a free demonstration session *.
* The session is received once and not be given to people who have benefited under various promotions made  Salina by ABC; the session is granted only  based on an appointment and medical notices requested.

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