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The Team

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  • Carmen Dumitru

    Carmen Dumitru
  • Razvan Badea

    Razvan Badea

    Cristian Bruneanu
  • Florian Clenci

    Florian Clenci
  • Andreea Damian

    Andreea Damian
  • ana-maria-leonte

    Ana Maria Leonte

    Taisia Elena Lungu
  • danie-mitre

    Daniel Mitre
  • Roxana Marinica

    Roxana Marinica
  • Alexandru Ciocioman

    Ramona Vitan
  • Anca Serb
  • Georgiana Michnea
  • Lidia Moroiu
  • Patricia Moroiu
  • Benefits

    • Harmonious Development

      In water babies can exercise more muscle groups than on land because they are less restricted by gravity.

    • Mastering aquatic movements

      Mastering early aquatic movements enables the child to have a considerable advantage in learning the swimming processes from later.

    • Muscle tone, balance and coordination

      Movement in water improves muscle tone, coordination and balance, helping the emergence walking earlier with beneficial effects on all levels of development.

    • Stimulation of appetite and sleep

      Relaxation and stimulation exercises, combined with the warm water pool that stimulates appetite and sleep have a positive effect on baby’s development.

    • Build confidence

      Once the baby learns to feel good, to be independent in the aquatic environment, confidence will grow and will allow him to experience many new things.

    • Safety in the aquatic environment

      Learning a baby how to swim is not just a funny and healthy activity, but also a safety measure in addition to the aquatic environment.