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  • Aquatic therapy is an unique method of personal development addressed especially to babies, which harmoniously combines elements of gymnastics and playful, massage and water activities with specific observation and psychological counseling, keeping in mind the needs of the baby psychophysiological needs.

    Aquatic therapy follows:

  • In the relation with the baby:
    • early development of all senses: touch, visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory, steady in terrestrial and aquatic environment
    • accessing many types of intelligence: kinesthetic, emotional, linguistic, musical, spatial, interpersonal, intrapersonal, of nature
    • stimulation of innate reflexes in order to preserve and develop their diving reflex, grabbing reflex
    • early development of baby's motility 
    • identification of possible trauma in utero, and their improvement
  • In the relation mother-baby:
    • managing anxiety from the first bath or the daily baby bath
    • unique bathing learning methods that provide a relaxing moment, full of confidence and affection for both baby and mother
    • learning baby massage techniques designed to bring more confidence to the mother, comfort and affection in the relationship with baby
    • creating a space where mom and dad can enjoy together really special moments full of affection, tenderness and trust relationship with their baby
    • discerning baby needs
    • through aquatic therapy both the mother and father and baby can grow emotionally, developing a balanced relationship centered on the needs of the baby, the effective communication between them
  • Aquatic therapy involves an individualized program

    for each baby separately, depending on pregnancy and birth history and socio-psycho-physiological needs of baby


    usually, this program can be started approximately 4-7 days after birth
    Do not begin the massage session if your child has:

    allergies or skin diseases
    increased temperature
    By the age of six months this program should be conducted at home, in familiar surroundings, and then it is recommended to start the aquatic education in special-purpose clubs.

    • Massage Stage

      involves the massage all body parts (legs, upper limbs, abdomen, back, head, neck) plus elements of reflexology for the massage of the soles.
      The contact stimulates nerve endings in the skin, improves circulation, increases energy levels helping to develop muscles, joints and bones.

    • Gymnastics Stage

      includes exercises to stimulate reflexes role in coordination of movement, helping to form and print the body scheme, and then the balance of equillibrum. Applied slight movements of arms and legs and all joints are intended to strengthen muscles, to increase joint mobility, to create a strong and aligned skeletal system.

    • Aquatic activities

      focus on child adjustment in the aquatic environment using specific doses and positioning, and immersions. With special exercises, which aim to maintain primary reflexes swimming and immersion of children, turning them into automatism and preparing it for the pool program.

    Baby massage and gymnastics are also therapeutic forms of play.

    It can be considered the first step toward socialization. The exercises appropriate to their age and level of development of your baby based on natural movements that do not require undue effort from him, and the combination of massage techniques with gymnastics lead both to tone the body and relax it.
    Babies who are massaged regularly cry less, sleep better, they are more alert and curious. Massaging your baby transmits signals of love, protection and safety.

    The benefits of the program:

    • reduce child and bustle help calm him;
    • strengthens the immune system;
    • stimulates digestion, reduces and removes colic, baby with a growth rate balanced, thus avoiding overweight, relatively common nowadays;
    • relax and tone muscles;
    • tone the heart and lungs,  helping eliminate tracheobronchial secretions (especially for respiratory infections);
    • regulate appetite;
    • independent developers to move unassisted, even before he managed to take the first steps or walking on all fours;
    • build the capacity of coordination and concentration;
    • help breathing control  and balance
    • stimulate the circulatory system, peripheral circulation and nerve endings
    • developing cardiovascular and respiratory systems;
    • prevent asthma;
    • create a state of safety and reliability;
    • offer a quiet sleep.
  • Ideal conditions for aquatic therapy

    Baby incentive program is recommended to be conducted depending on his schedule (hours sleeping, eating, walking) without radically alter routine. It is important that your child be rested and ate at least 30 minutes before the meeting.

    It takes an airy and light, with a temperature between 22 and 24 ° comfort (all season), a quiet room without TV or the presence of other people. Use oil or a vitamin skin cream for each child special.
    Stage of aquatic activities will be done in your own bath at home, rigorous disinfection, will be filled with water at a temperature of 36-37 ° to the first sessions (similar to the intrauterine environment), later being gradually to a temperature 32-33 ° (close to that of the basin).

    The program lasts about 30-40 minutes. Each part of the session are dedicated 10-12 minutes, enough for baby stimulation and to avoid discomfort.
    The massage should be included in your baby’s daily schedule, considering its availability. But a minimum frequency for the program to be beneficial and be treated as information and proposed stimulus would be two to three times a week.

    • 8 sessions subscription

      1200 Ron*

    • 10 session subscription

      1500 Ron*

    • Price per session

      180 Ron*

    Therapist: PANA TEODORA

    * This price is valid only for locations in Bucharest, in other cases the price will change depending on distance and means of transport to reach destination