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Salt Therapy

  • Salt therapy is an alternative, and also complementary prevention and treatment of various respiratory diseases, while having benefits demonstrated on the entire body: increases immunity, supports detoxification of the body, improves the functioning of the digestive system, supports regeneration of the skin, helps in reducing the effects of fatigue and stress.

    The therapy involves inhalation of saline aerosols (by spending time inside the mine) which treats especially respiratory diseases. Salt is a bactericide substance that does not allow development of microbial cultures, acting as a disinfectant and also has the ability (under certain conditions of temperature and humidity) to emanate salt aerosols.

  • Children
  • Adults
  • Chromotherapy
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  • The benefits of therapy in Salina by ABC in relation with a natural saltcave

    • Easy to find

      It is located in Bucharest, on Delea Noua street, near to Piata Muncii metro station.

    • Fast results

      45 minuts of treatment in SalinabyABC equals 3-4 hours in natural saltcaves.

    • Constant humidity

      In SalinabyABC the humidity is 40-50%

    • Comfortable temperature

      In SalinabyABC the temperature is between 22-24 degrees, while in a natural saltcave there is the risk of becoming sick because of the low temperature.


    In testarile clinice*, salinoterapia s-a dovedit a fi eficienta in reducerea simptomelor pentru o varietate de boli respiratorii si ale pielii. In timpul unei testari clinice, Salinoterapia a demonstrat o imbunatatire in:
    • 85%

      from easy to moderate asthma cases

    • 75%

      in cases of severe asthma

    • 97%

      in cases of chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis and cystic fibrosis

    * Aerosol Medicine Journal, A.V. Chervinskaya, Volume 8. Number 3, 1995

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    Salt Therapy for Children

    Salt therapy represents the best alternative for the treatment of respiratory problems in children. Treatment is 100% natural and consists of saline aerosol inhalation in a specially designed environment in which children will feel comfortable. Salinoterapie sessions will help clean the airways, thus achieving significant improvements in breathing, sleep quality and general condition.

    In our saline we used Himalayan salt mine and salt brought from Praid mine to create an environment hypo-bacterial and allergen-free, carefully controlled in terms of heat, humidity and ventilation.
    The access saline is made by adults in disposable slippers available at the Reception and by children with indoor footwear (eg snickers, crocs etc.)

    Children are in constant development and discovery of the outside world. It is important that we ensure a strong immune system and contribute as much to build a good general condition.

    The benefitsof salt therapy for children include:

    • Treatment for Asthma

      One of the most common diseases among children. Salt therapy eases breathing and helps in relieving the airway

    • Treatment for respiratory diseases

      Children’s respiratory system is still growing up to the age of 9 years, so they are more prone to becoming sick

    • Treatment for colds and flu

      Kids love spending time outdoors and therefore they often get colds. Salt therapy is an effective treatment for colds, but also to prevent them.

    • Preventing and treating seasonal allergies

      There are times when kids are experiencing allergies, especially in spring and autumn

    • Strengthening the immune system

      Children contract easier than adults the viruses and bacteria. Salt therapy is a natural treatment for strengthening the immune system and reduce disease risk

    • Treatment for ear infections

      Salt therapy is used as an alternative treatment for ear infections

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    Salt Therapy for Adults

    Through exposure and inhalation of saline aerosols it is achieved the purification of airways and infections outbreaks (stafilo-streptococcal), stimulates mucus in the bronchi become increasingly reduced, reduces irritation and inflammation of existing both in adults and especially children. Aerosols can be absorbed through the skin exposed to salt air, thereby helping to treat skin disorders.

    Aerosols are defined as micro-particles that are in suspension in a gaseous environment or atmosphere. These aerosol micro-particles can be solid, liquid or gas that may remain in the atmosphere for time intervals varying from several hours to durations of the order of days, weeks or even years. Floating time is conditioned by humidity, temperature, air movement, pressure variations etc. These micro-particles “floating” because of repeated collisions with air molecules, the water molecules in the atmosphere, certain electro-chemical interactions.

    In our mine we used Himalayan salt mine and salt brought from Praid mine to create an environment hypo-bacterial and allergen-free, carefully controlled in terms of heat, humidity and ventilation.

    The access in saline is made by adults in disposable slippers available at the Reception and by children with indoor footwear (eg snickers, crocs etc.)



    Chromotherapy in Salina by ABC, is obtained from the light in the walls  of Himalayan salt, which offers a warm orange color, but this may change depending on the preferences of your remote control. The advantages of color therapy as alternative therapy is the lack of any side effects: not addictive, is not toxic and can be used by people of all ages.
    With the colors around you can create the atmosphere that you need, you can soothe, cheer, relax, raise, however the correct use of color therapy. A mentally strong and balanced will stay as a shield in the way of disease, because many diseases enter the body through the gate left open imbalances that weaken immunity psychosomatic.

  • Frequently asked questions

    What is the duration of a salt therapy session?

    In Salina by Bebe Aquatic Club a session lasts 45 minutes. Each session starts on time.

    What is the recommended period to follow the treatment?

    Depending on the condition, the treatment duration may vary.

    There are side effects of salt therapy?

    Salt therapy is 100% natural and has no associated negative effects. Some patients may notify slight skin irritation, but that will disappear after a few sessions.

    Do I need an appointment for a salt therapy session?

    Yes, in order for you to enjoy the benefits of salt therapy in the best conditions, it is necessary to call in advance to 0733809377.

    There are contraindications for salt therapy?

    Yes, salt therapy has some contraindications, such as:
    [pdb_list bullet = “style_4.png”]

    • respiratory failure
    • lung cancer
    • pulmonary tuberculosis
    • pulmonary fungal infections
    • ischemic
    • Hypertension
    • failure
    • myocardial infarction
    • decompensated chronic pulmonary heart
    • angina
    • coughing up blood
    • bleeding
    • neoplastic diseases
    • epilepsy and other disorders that can cause loss of consciousness
    • claustrophobia
    • hyperthyroidism
    • Basedow
    • load
      Before pursuing a cure of salt therapy, any contagious disease must be treated.

      [/ pb_list]

    How many people can get inside the saline?

    During a session, 10 adults or 6 adults and children can participate .

    WWhat activities can take place during salt therapy sessions?

    We arranged a special area for children, where they can color, play or look at books with interesting stories or various atlases available at reception. Please do not leave children unattended!

    Am I allowed to bring food or water at salt therapy sessions?

    It is forbidden to bring food or water inside the mine.

    How does salt therapy help increase immunity?

    By effective purification of the airways by using scheduled salt therapy session, the immune system is strengthened. The bacteria, contaminants, toxins, allergens triggers not only, but also maintain respiratory diseases, which often recur, becoming chronically ; in these circumstances, immunity will gradually decrease. Salt therapy supports the body in its fight against harmful environmental factors, which we can not protect completely, no matter how we try.

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    One session:

    • Adult – 20 RON
    • Pensionary/Student/Scholar – 17 RON

    10 sessions pack:

    • Adult – 180 RON
    • Pensionary/Student/Scholar – 150 RON

    20 sessions pack:

    • Adult – 320 RON
    • Pensionary/Student/Scholar – 260 RON

    One session:

    • Adult + child – 30 RON
    • For every extra adult – 18 RON
    • For every extra child – 10 RON

    10 session pack:

    • Adult + child – 250 RON
    • For every extra adult – 160 RON
    • For every extra child – 90 RON

    20 sessions pack:

    • Adult + child – 430 RON
    • For every extra adult – 300 RON
    • For every extra child – 140 RON

    One session:

    • Pensionary/student + childl – 26 RON
    • For every extra pensionary/student – 16 RON
    • For every extra child – 10 RON

    10 sessions pack:

    • Pensionary/student + child – 220 RON
    • For every extra pensionary/student – 130 RON
    • For every extra child – 90 RON

    20 sessions pack:

    • Pensionary/student + child – 400 RON
    • For every extra pensionary/student – 240 RON
    • For every extra child – 140 RON