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Super Bebe (4 - 18 months)

  • The most important thing at this age category will be the stimulation of the primary reflexes, by accepting hand locks and specific positioning, which will make the baby move in the aquatic environment without any restrictions, aspect which will significantly contribute at a complex development. 


    • Acclimatization and adaptation to the aqautic environment
    • Stimulation of the primary reflexes
    • Stimulation of movement in the lower and upper limbs
    • Adapting the baby to the ventral, vertical and dorsal positions in the aquatic environment
    • Strengthening the immune system
    • Age category:
      4 - 18 months
    • Lesson duration:
      *depending on the child's availability
      30 - 35 min*

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  • What should I know?

    • The child will be fed at least 45 minutes before arriving at the pool.

    • The access in the building is allowed only through the reception room, using slippers or disposable shoes.

    • The session will always start on time and will end 15 minutes at the most, no matter the time of entry in the water.

    • Access in the pool of children (or companions) who are carriers of communicable diseases, open wounds, dermatitis is forbidden. Also, if the little one presents symptoms such as: diarrhea, vomiting and /or fever, parents are asked to notify the club reception and cancel the session. Club qualified staff reserves the right to cancel the session if the presence of such symptoms appear before the beginning of the lesson.

    • Under the rules imposed by the Department of Public Health, we ask all companions, who want to monitor the entire aquatic education session inside the pool to have an outfit specific for the aseptic area (changing rooms, swimming pool), which is swimwear, pool shoes, cap and gown.

    • The required equipment is formed by Water Pampers, for children up to 3 years, and a swimsuit over, Towel / bathrobe and slippers for children who walk, Shower gel,, shampoo, body lotions, ear sticks, Swim cap for companions and children.

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