ABC Method

Our instructors, though their professional training and empathy towards children, stimulate their curiosity and creativity, through a personalized plan, permanently adapted to the evolutionary rhythm of each child. This will create the premises for the early development of important skills in the first 3 years of life. Among these:

  • Developing communication skills 11 months earlier
  • Developing reading skills 2 months earlier and math skills 6 months in advance
  • Increasing the capacity to assimilate new knowledge
  • Higher self-esteem, curiosity, and creativity
  • Better immune system
  • They can recover quicker from pathologies resulting from premature births or being born underweight

Each session plan consists of a clear three-part structure, with simple activities, created by a team of psychologists. The main element used is play-time, for a gentle stimulus, and efficient communication with the little one.

Through play, the child learns movement, imitating what is around him, and also through play we create a relaxing, safe, and confidence-inspiring atmosphere that is needed in starting the learning process.

Our instructors permanently communicate with the parents about the objectives and personal expectations, methods of teaching, and also about their child’s personality.

For the little ones, we want to develop skills, and for the parents, we want to offer the necessary support so that they can relax and enjoy the child’s new learned abilities with him.