What is kinetoprophylaxis?

Kinetoprophylaxis is an integral part of movement therapy, created on the medical basis that “it is easier to prevent than to treat.”

Pediatric kinetoprophylaxis refers to stimulating the baby’s growth harmoniously, improving motor development, and the child’s quality of life.

This type of activity aims to optimize health and prevent imbalances and diseases, with the help of exercise.

Kinetoprophylaxis uses massage and gymnastics, and it consists of 3 types:

  •  Primary – aims to maintain the child’s health
  • Secondary – prevent imbalances and diseases
  • Tertiary – prevent the occurrence of complications or sequelae due to diseases.
Kinetoprophylaxis exercises from Acvatic Bebe Club can be performed in:

All sessions are individual, and the complex program made by our instructors and physical therapists is for children aged 0 to 6 years, available from the very first weeks of life.

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Medical recommendations and practical advice from psychologists and swimming coaches.

The objectives

The benefits of baby massage and gymnastics

Improves digestive function

Stimulates neurological development

Improves circulation and exfoliates the skin

Posture and gait education

Learning motor skills

Harmonious development

Stimulates appetite and regulates sleep

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Why choose kinetoprophylaxis sessions?

The complex program developed by ABC specialists includes static and dynamic exercises, balance, and coordination, that use the child’s own weight. The duration of the program will be set after the first evaluation session, which is FREE. The structure of the meetings differs according to age and objectives:

First childhood

Age: 0-3 years

● improving head support
● twisting and crawling
● limb support, coordination, and control
● raising and maintaining a sitting position
● overcoming obstacles
● walking on all fours
● inclined climbing
● learning to walk sideways
● strengthening walking, running
● coordination and balance
● increasing the body's natural resistance to external pathogens
● stimulating the processes of growth and harmonious development
● improving the balance between somatic, organic, and psychic functions
● balancing sleep and appetite

Second childhood

Age: 3-6 years

● improving motor skills
● increasing and developing coordination and balance
● improving or correcting posture
● breathing exercises
● muscle toning
● balancing and strengthening health
● reduction of a sedentary lifestyle
● improving the body's natural resistance to external pathogens
● stimulating the processes of growth and harmonious development
● development of physical qualities (strength, coordination capacity, endurance, etc.)
● increasing the effort capacity
● sensitivity re-education
● preparation for an active lifestyle



6 session

4-36 months
1650 ron
3-6 years
1400 ron

10 session

4-36 months
2750 ron
3-6 years
2300 ron

15 session

4-36 months
3750 ron
3-6 years
3350 ron

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