Preventive measures

We have always been vigilant about the safety and health of our ABC community, and even more so during this time, we want to provide a number of additional measures to increase safety and align ourselves with the collective responsibility to stop the spread of the virus. Thus, in addition to the measures imposed and recommended by the authorities, we adopted the following decisions:

  • Swimming lessons take place with a maximum of 3 children simultaneously, per hour, so as to ensure the necessary social distance not only for children but also for their guardians – parents, grandparents, nannies
  • We will ensure a smooth flow so that there are no more than 3 adults and 3 children in the waiting/acclimatization area; waiting time in the acclimatization and locker room will be reduced to a minimum, we will use other rooms in the club if you want a longer stay or use the outdoor terrace when time allows it, but keeping in these spaces a maximum of 3 adults and 3 children
  • We will NOT grant free sessions at least in the first 90 days after opening, the period may be extended depending on the evolution of the number of cases at the national level.
  • We will ask you to provide us with a statement regarding the presence of clinical symptoms or contact with people at risk before each visit
  • We will perform the thermal scanning with a digital thermometer from a safe distance
  • Only 3 people are allowed in the salt room at a time; when entering and leaving the common areas of the Club you will need to disinfect your hands
  • We will continue to disinfect the common spaces multiple times a day and use the antibacterial mats
  • Our staff will wear masks
  • We will continue to disinfect common areas several times a day using an intelligent robot to destroy bacteria, germs, microbes and sterilize surfaces with UV light
  • We will continue to use protective covers for shoes and as an additional measure we will have at the entrance to the club a stainless steel tray with a disinfectant solution to protect against the spread and development of viruses attached to the sole of the shoe
  • We installed an anti-virus panel at the reception
  • Our instructors will be tested every 14 days with the SARS-CoV-2 virus – IgG antibodies test and will be subjected to a daily epidemiological triage procedure. If the staff is symptomatic they do not enter their daily work schedule and they will go to consultation and testing
  • The flow of customers in the club will change so that people who leave do not meet those who come. In this sense, the access to the club is made only 10 minutes before the session is scheduled, the time spent in the locker room will be a maximum of 10 minutes both at the beginning and at the end of the lesson and the duration of a session will be maximum 40 minutes. The break between sessions will be 10-20 minutes to allow the use of the UV and ozone sterilization lamp. Before each appointment, we will do the epidemiological triage of the guardians over the phone to identify any clinical signs (cough, fever, sore throat, difficulty breathing) and to inform them about the risk of being infected according to the case definitions published by the National Center for Surveillance and Control of infectious diseases. Only unsuspecting children and guardians will be allowed an appointment.

*we only allow one guardian per child (siblings and relatives will be asked to stay in the car or outside)
**access inside the enclosure is made only after checking the temperature, which must not exceed 37.3 degrees Celsius with the absence of Covid-19 symptoms, and signing the statement which validates the pieces of information offered over the phone, before the appointment.

We invite you to schedule a free demonstration session in our club to convince you of all the above.

For clarifications or additional information you can write to us at [email protected] or contact us at the phone number: 0742.745.367.