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  • Why choose us?

    • Mixt installation based on UV and Ozone

      We are the only club of its kind in Bucharest where water treatment and disinfection is achieved through a mixt installation based on UV and ozone, with a direct effect on the water and air quality around the pool to get a fresh aroma, total free of chlorine smell.

    • Automatic dehumidification system

      Through the ventilation and dehumidification system that we chose, we made sure that we always maintain an ideal microclimate for developing aquatic education programs.

    • Fun learning environment

      Our instructors, through their professional training, but also by their personal qualities, are able to achieve in each lesson a fun learning environment.

    • 96.5% satisfied customers

      By responding to a survey made on 350 people.

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  • Guarantees given by Acvatic Bebe Club

    Acvatic Bebe Club GUARANTEES for every eutrophic baby, who starts the aquatic education program before 6 months old and follows the schedule every once a week, 80 percent of the time, the assimilation of the following acquisitions:

    imersii Repeated immersions (divingd) until the age of 12 months

    swimhelpIndependent movement helped by the floating objects until the age of 12 months

    swimAquatic independent movement on a length of the pool until the age of 30 months

    swimLearning the first swimming procedure until the age of 4 years.

    If not, we offer you FREE COURSES until the assimilation of these.

    We only chose programs with individual sessions (instructor-child), with a maximum of 5 children per session, because this way the instructor will get to know very well the personality and pace of development of each child, and interact with him/her in the direction of positive stimulation and development, and the environment where the swimming session is running can be controlled in a more efficient manner.


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  • Notices + analysis required

    For children
    • Pediatrician’s notice - the child is clinically healthy and fit to carry on a psychomotor stimulation program
    • Epidemiological notice
    • Copy of vaccination record
    • Urinalysis result
    • Fecal exam result
    • Result of the throat swab exam (for children older than 3 years)*
    For adults:
    • Family doctor's notice - child companion into the water is clinically healthy
    • Epidemiological notice
    • Urinalysis result
    • Vaginal exam result*

    *for ladies

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    • ”It is such a beautiful, friendly, welcoming for kids and parents. Thank you very much Acvatic Bebe Club!” ”

      Monica Anghel
    • ”Thankfulness to you all for what and how you make it, for your work and passion that make us feel good and safe at Acvatic Bebe Club.”

      Ioana, mom
    • ”We have been coming for almost two years now. The team here has made us stay and we really are very, very thankful. “”

    • ”I brought Victor at Acvatic Bebe Club a year ago and I have seen improvements in motility, affection and even the interaction with other children.”