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* Promotion valid from May 24 to June 4, 2021.

** Only one voucher can be purchased on behalf of a beneficiary.

De 1 iunie la ABC celebrăm Bebelușul Preferat!

June 1st is coming and you are already thinking about what unique gift you can give to the babies in your life?

Whether you are a mother, aunt, godmother, grandmother or best friend, you are sure to have one or more favorite babies. It seems complicated to choose a gift for him because he is small and can’t do many activities, but at Acvatic Bebe Club he can!

Only here he receives 3 gifts in one: play, fun and well-being in the swimming pool for babies.

Choose from the 4 gift vouchers specially created for the joy of babies!

Aquatic Voucher – 2 aquatic education sessions and the book “I’m not afraid of water”

Aquatic education is the only activity that can be carried out from the first months of life, which will support the motor, social and emotional development of the baby, without any associated risk.

– Studies have shown that babies who have had early aquatic education:
they gained a balanced and deep breath that helped them in the transition to other sports;
– they developed an above average muscle tone that led to the early appearance of gait
– have self-confidence and high self-esteem

By choosing this voucher you will also receive the book “I’m not afraid of water”, the first book of water stories in Romania, with and about children. The book will provide a unique opportunity to connect parents with their little ones and the perfect opportunity to allay some fears and provide them with valuable information on water safety in a fun way.

We recommend Gold Voucher – 1 aquatic education session + 5 saline therapy sessions

After an aquatic education session, in which the unique aquatic games, proposed by our instructors will offer the little one super fun and relaxation, we guarantee the continuation of the game in the ABC salt mine, where the open pores by swimming will facilitate the assimilation of salt ions through the skin. and through the respiratory tract.

The outcome? Good mood, easy breathing, restful sleep and a balanced appetite… .that is, an experience that will be hard to forget.

Silver Voucher – 10 sessions Salinotherapy + 1 Dottera oil

Choose the silver speaker because saline therapy sessions can be real connecting moments, in a room where praid salt and Himalayan salt are the stars for an effective therapy in reducing the symptoms due to allergic rhinitis or atopic dermatitis.

And for the well-being to continue at home, the package also includes a 15 ml bottle of lemon essential oil, only good to spread or use in the form of 2 drops, in a glass of water, for an immediate invigorating effect.

Buy now one of the 4 gift vouchers, specially created for the joy of babies and we personalize them with your love message!

We invite you to discover the magical universe of Aquatic Bebe Club.

We are always concerned with developing personalized lessons and unique experiences, adapted to the pace of development of each child . We offer only 1-1 sessions, with individual instructor.

The club is located 10 minutes drive from Piata Unirii, offers aquatic education sessions exclusively for children aged between 4 months and 6 years and is the only profile club in Bucharest where water treatment and disinfection is done through a mixed UV-based installation and ozone, with a direct effect on the quality of the water and air around the pool. The water temperature is constantly between 31.5 and 32 degrees, and the air temperature between 32.5 and 33 degrees.

  • medical tests for babies, as well as for one of the parents if he wants to accompany him in the water at the first sessions can be found here ( )
  • when you know the date when the analyzes will be ready, please call for an appointment at the club reception (0742745367) or send us an email at [email protected]

Necessary equipment consists of:
– swimming helmet
– special water diapers for children up to 3 years
– briefs / swimsuit (regardless of age)
– towel / bathrobe for children walking alone
– shower gel, shampoo, body lotions, ear sticks

Accompanying adult equipment (if entering the classroom):
– swimsuit
– Bathrobe
– pool slippers
– swimming helmet

The anti-covid prevention measures adopted by the club are above those recommended by the authorities and can be read here:

Aquatic education is the process of rearranging the baby with the aquatic environment where, under the careful guidance of instructors, primary reflexes can be stimulated so that aquatic, physical and cognitive acquisitions know an early and above average development. These are confirmed by a study by Griffith University in Australia, conducted on a sample of over 7,000 children. The benefits of this activity, recognized as the only motor activity that can be started in the first months of life, mean: muscle tone, self-confidence, increased emotional and social intelligence, balance of appetite and sleep, safety in the aquatic environment, strengthening the immune system, improving coordination and balance

Aquatic education can start from the first months of life and focuses on stimulating primary reflexes. Swimming, by which we mean independent aquatic movement without the help of floating objects, can begin around the age of 2-3 years, but swimming procedures can be learned from the age of 4-5 years.

Acvatic Bebe Club

For almost 8 years, over 2,500 children have participated in aquatic education courses. They had fun and played, made friends and, most importantly, learned to swim, jump, dive, and also win competitions with their instructors. The joy of the little ones and the trust given by the parents motivated us to develop and perfect in these years our own teaching method, adapted to each child who crossed our threshold.

In this process we are constantly supported by a team of specialists consisting of swimming teachers, psychologists and pediatricians who help us to constantly adjust and harmonize aquatic education programs which are then put into practice by a team of experienced specialists, in field, graduates of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports or of the Faculty of Physical Therapy or performance athletes.

We have invested in high quality educational materials, in high-performance water purification facilities, in arranging a friendly and safe space, in the implementation of safety and hygiene protocols so that both parents and children benefit from a positive, complex experience in within our club.


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