ABC method

Our instructors, through their professional training and empathy for children, stimulate the curiosity and creativity of each, through a personalized work plan, constantly adapted to the pace of evolution of each child. This will create the premises for the early development of important skills in the first 3 years of life. Among these:

A - acomodarea și aclimatizarea cu apa
B -buna dispozitie prin prezentarea de jucarii si jocuri acvatice inedite
C- comunicare pozitiva cu accent pe incurajari
Since 2012 we have been successfully offering babies
The ABC of aquatic education, through the ABC Method.

The ABC method, which assumes that the plan of each swimming session follows a clear structure, in three parts, with emphasis on simple activities, carefully designed by a team of psychologists. They have play as a central element, for a gentle stimulation and an effective communication with the little ones. Through play, the child learns the movements, imitates what he sees around him, and also through play, the atmosphere of relaxation, confidence and security that he needs to start the learning process is created.

  • developing communication skills 11 months earlier,
  • developing reading skills 2 months earlier and math skills 6 months earlier,
  • increasing the capacity to assimilate new knowledge,
  • high level of self-esteem, curiosity and creativity,
  • development of increased immunity
  • they can recover in a shorter time pathologies resulting from premature births or as an effect of underweight

Our instructors constantly communicate with parents about personal goals and expectations, how to teach, but also the personality of each child.

If for the little ones we want to develop skills, for the parents we want to offer the necessary support so that they can relax and enjoy the child’s purchases with him.